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Data integrated. Tasks organized. Care united.

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We access medical records, insurance data, and more that meets clinical trial standards.

Access to nearly 300 million health records, labs, and integrated social determinants of health insights.

We do the work.

Access data from siloed medical data.
Insights provided to address care gaps.
Link to health services such as
preventive health care,
labs, and pharmacy delivery.

Better Access. Better Care.

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Are you a provider or research organization?
Pluto can be offered in three ways:
• Provided as a unique offering
• White-labeled
• Integrated with existing services
What would you like to know about us?
  • Pluto delivers your health data organized with insights, ready to address gaps in care. In the past, our team members have built systems that have synchronized over 200 million records. Now, we're making an ecosystem where this is also made available to patients. We can access Medicare and about 85% of health providers in the US, which translates to nearly 300M health and insurance records.

  • Beyond being HIPAA-compliant, we understand that collecting data for research requires specialized features, security, and data handling. We are SOC2 Type 2 and FDA compliant.

  • Pluto keeps it simple. We focus on augmenting clinical care and bridging health services. We don't share any medical information without the patient's permission and knowledge of who they are sharing with. We understand that in clinical trials, it's important to keep data securely within the research group. We are not interested in monetizing data and work to protect our stakeholders interests.

    Many data aggregation companies keep, copy, and sell copies of data with outside third-parties, which can be problematic.

  • Our offerings are flexible. Feel free to email us at to let us know what you need or are interested in.

  • Pluto is patient centered at its core. We've developed Pluto around the patient experience. Everything from enrollment to searching is intuitive and easy to use. Clunky processes such as remembering the name of doctors or patient portal log-ins are not required to start with Pluto.

  • Currently, Pluto is delivered through our health partners and research projects. Please contact us at and we can reach out to a health partner in your network or link you up with a research group that can get you quickly connected.

Or email us at